Incheon, Why It`s Asia's Best City for Investment.

Reasons to invest in Korea

Wealth of opportunities

  • - Population of 50 million, GDP of US$ 1.19 trillion
  • - FTAs with 47 countries
  • - Hub of Northeast Asia (The country can play the role of a bridgehead for entering the global market thanks to FTAs concluded with major world economies.)

Dynamic Growth

  • - Achieved economic growth 147 times over
  • - Ranked the world's eighth-largest trading country

Excellent Human Resources

  • - First in university graduation rate among OECD member countries
  • - First in the improvement rate of labor productivity among OECD member countries

Innovation and R&D

  • - Companies and society that pursue innovation
  • - High R&D investment rates

World-class Industries

  • - Globally competitive industries
  • - World leading companies such as Samsung and Posco.

Optimal Business Convenience

  • - Ranked seventh in "countries with the convenience of business operation" per Korea's business environment evaluation

Safe & Convenient Living

  • - Safe roads and impressive shopping centers
  • - Convenient public transportation
  • - High-quality medical services

Strong Government Support

  • - Attraction of foreign investment
  • - Business support including tax benefits

Why Incheon?